Chateau was established in 1949 when Charles C. began selling frozen dumplings from his retail meat market  in the Czechoslovak, German and Polish neighborhoods of Cicero-Berwyn, Illinois. And now sold in other states including Arizona (Frey's and Basha's)Wisconsin(PigglyWig   Woodmans and Pick N Save
Michigan & Indiana (Meijers Centrella)
For more information email or call Chateau dumplings at 708-863-4207. 

Mail order service is now available. Minimum order is 12 packages. Total cost including  shipping is  $79.95. (SORRY-MAIL ORDER NO LONGER AVAILABLE WEST OF THE ROCKIES) Send check or money order to Chateau Dumplings, P. O. Box 508010, Cicero, IL
60804. Include email address and telephone number.
Creators of the world's best dumplings, Chateau potato and bread dumplings.

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